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Aerohive applications add features, functionality, and value to the complete Aerohive networking solution. These powerful applications can help school districts monitor and track wireless clients as well as allow the enterprise to provide sophisticated and secure guest access.

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TeacherView Classroom Wireless Access App

Aerohive TeacherView classroom WLAN access app

The Aerohive TeacherView classroom wireless access application is a simple-to-use, web interface that provides classroom status to a teacher at login ? without requiring the teacher to pre-configure any parameters.

The graphical display quickly shows the Client Health status of all the classroom computers, and enables a teacher to view the online resources students are accessing. The teacher can also enable or disable access to the Internet and the local Student Network, as well as redirect students to a specific online web resource.

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StudentManager WLAN Monitoring & Reporting App

StudentManager WLAN Monitoring & Reporting App

StudentManager from Aerohive Networks is a powerful WLAN monitoring and reporting system for school districts that use Aerohive Access Points for wireless access.

StudentManager includes Aerohive?s powerful network-based, client vendor-agnostic student monitoring and access control system, TeacherView, as well as a suite of features such as Student Information System integration, Lesson Planning, and CIO-level Reporting for classes, schools, and districts.