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Aerohive Wireless Solutions for Manufacturing

Healthcare organizations of today have changed. Organizations have become distributed widely, and typically they don't all have dedicated IT staff.

At the same time, most clinics or distributed sites require connectivity to hospital resources/applications, and reliable, high speed wireless networks to function. The mobile nature of caregivers and the growing use of networked imaging and video in patient care settings make an affordable, easy to manage network mission critical.

Features / Benefits
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Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit(s)
No Single Point of Failure
  • Ensures highest levels of network availability and resiliency, as network "self heals" around any failure points
Mesh Technology for AP-to-AP Direct Communications
  • Eliminates need to cable APs to switches in difficult-to-wire locations
  • Offers mesh features at no additional cost
Easily Add More Coverage by Adding Access Points
  • Eliminates the “stair step” costs of adding controllers for incremental coverage
Superior Performance in a Mixed-client Environment via Unique Airtime Scheduling
  • Enables the best performance for all clients, whether 802.11a/b/g or n
Centralized Management (across multiple sites from a single console or online service)
  • Offers easy-to-use management for streamlining operations and reducing opex (operating expenses)
  • Provides user-friendly interface that enables staff to quickly pinpoint and solve problems
Fast, Secure Roaming and Identity-based Security (enforced in every access point as a user connects)
  • Provides enhanced security above and beyond 802.11's inherent authentication and over-the-air encryption including firewall, WIPS, VPN, RADIUS, and Active Directory support
Simple Pricing Model and No Feature Licensing
  • Grows with your needs (linear cost curve as you grow)
  • Eliminates budget "surprises" as you need additional features for new applications (i.e. QoS, VPN, mesh)
Fully Distributed Processing, Data Forwarding, and Control Architecture
  • Reduces capex (capital expenditures) because no controller purchases are required
  • Results in higher network performance and uptime – no controller bottlenecks and no dependence on a vulnerable WAN connection to a remote controller
  • Improves budget control with the ability to "pay as you grow"
Secure Guest Access with Integrated Captive Web Portal
  • Provides easy-to-deploy guest access
  • Offers multiple methods to ensure acceptable use or guest authentication
  • Provides protection against intrusions by temporary users