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Aerohive Wireless Solutions for Voice Over Wi-Fi

Secure and Productive BYOD for the Enterprise

Successfully deploying an application like voice over wireless LAN requires the underlying infrastructure to be highly available, and have low latency and sophisticated quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities. Aerohive’s unique stateful high availability, mesh redundancy, and stateful failover ensure that the network is always up. The best path forwarding ensures the data path is continuously optimized to provide the lowest latency, and the lack of a controller means there is no added latency or jitter due to backhauling the wireless traffic.

While standards-based IEEE 802.11e/ WMM (Wireless Multi-Media) extensions are also implemented – WMM alone isn't enough. To manage the flow of traffic into the WMM queues, Aerohive implements sophisticated QoS, with eight queues per client station right at the network edge where they can immediately respond to the dynamically changing RF link, rather than at a centralized controller multiple hops away from the radio.

Voice over Wi-Fi Deployment
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